About_Orryginal_april2015“In life you’ve got to stay after your dreams –
there’s no other way. You just have to.”

What is this blog about?

  • Hi, I’m Orryana welcome to my blog Orryginal. This website will focus on lifestyle as well as fashion but also on inspirational “stuff”. I will share my experiences, thoughts and motivations. Next to fashion I spend loads of time reading so called “Personal Transformation”-books.
  • I love to live excessively, to travel and experience as many cultures as possible. I am addicted to dancing and I’ve also been singing for a while now, so I might upload some video soon.
  • I honestly believe that anything is possible for anybody and will write about how I eliminated some of my limited beliefs which can hinder one in living life to the fullest. I will share techniques from my personal experience of getting in shape mentally.