Rasta_Braids_Orryginal_Blog_April2016_3 Rasta_Braids_Orryginal_Blog_April2016_3

I’m back in Munich now after I spent Easter and the last week in my beloved hometown Dusseldorf (the ones following me on Snapchat will know what happened there ;) —> ORRYGINAL :* ) And I came back with one thing: My braids! There is almost no hairstyle that I love more! It is not a trend, it is never in or out (at least not for us dark skinned girls – braids are always in).

I will tell you some cool benefits of my hairstyle ;) :

  • You have more time in the mornings, because you don’t have to brush or style your hair. Just stand up, make a pony tail and leave the house
  • When it’s summer and you sweat there will be no hair strains glued on your shoulders
  • Whether it’s raining, snowing or storming, my hair always looks dry
  •  My face skin is smoothed out. Getting braids done pulls my skin so much I still feel it 2-3 days after, I can barely move my forehead, which makes it really smooth
  • You are always being asked the same question (How long did it take? Can I touch) Can I pull? How long is your real hair? etc.) and thus have an easier time getting into a conversation with other people

What do you think of braids? Have you had some before or would like to try it out or nah?

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    21. April 2016 at 15:31

    Love the pics in this post and the braids, very orryginal way of showing a hairstyle! See what I did there, hahaha!
    Sometimes I wish you lived in Berlin, I’m planning a Bloggers MeetUP soon, and would have been fab to have you there ( :
    Ps I adore braids, I’m from the Brandy, I Wanna Be Down generation helllloooo, buuuut my hairline dont like them so much no more…tsigh….

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