I have to admit that I love to save money. Why should I pay more if I could save some? In Germany we have the Glamour Shopping Week, which includes tons of discount codes, is really popular by the ladies so I am not the only one. I also don’t want to spend too much on consuming without thinking before I spend, to consciously spend my money is really importat, but I guess that’s not a phenomenon, because no matter how rich one is or how rich one would love to be ( ;) ), everyone loves a little bit of saving.

Also I have 4 (!!!) wedding waiting for me this year, so I want to reduce my consume to make other people happy. You can do that by donating some of the money you saved through discount codes – but  will write about that on a later post.

So before I order my stuff online, I always search for a code, but as there are tons of sites, I have my favorite which is I find this site very easy to finde myself around and well-arranged. You can also just search for your shop for which you need the code – easy.

Maybe you too will find a good code and discount on Gutscheinpony? Do you look for your codes online? Do you know more Tricks with which you save some money?

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