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It’s been quiet on my blog the last few weeks… Why? Because I had to think about what I would want to write and nothing important came to my mind, so I just refrained from writing – it’s that easy :D I don’t make a living blogging, it’s not my full-time job. I don’t have 100.000 readers and because of that I don’t feel like I have to write because they expect it of me. I really do it first and foremost for myself.

„You should blog frequently, if you want to make it big.“ What one has to do or not should always be known by the person himself. But yeah, of you want to become famous through blogging than you should live for it. BUT you should never feel forced, but do things because you feel too, not because others say so. So with me it’s like this: If I don’t feel like it, that I don’t feel like it. I have to trust me guts and no one else!

The last three weeks I had wonderful experiences, that I didn’t have the time to come here and write it all down. Plus, I do have loads of fun with my YouTube-Channel where I upload videos weekly. It’s in German but feel free to have a look ;)

I’m taking the wind out fo the sails now. I have always been a person that wanted to achieve something and I still want to, that’s why I always put new goals in front of me, but it is important to just enjoy the present moment, to be grateful und most of all just proud of everything we already have achieved. Feel more and act less. Peace, to you lovelies :*

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    31. Mai 2016 at 16:41

    Hey hon, thanks for explaining why you were away, soooo many bloggers dont do this but its important and a nice way to show you care about your readers.
    You do you Boo…sometimes blogging can feel like a chore when you force yourself…my blog is on hiatus now coz I am making a new one. Wish I could understand German to watch your videos, but hey maybe it will make me learn quicker! ( :

    • Reply
      31. Mai 2016 at 20:25

      I really do care and am so grateful for everyone stopping by! It really makes me so happy. Thank you for your kind words :*
      Good luck and all the best for your new blog! Can’t wait ti see what it will look like xox

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