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Everyone who know me know that I avoid swimming at all costs. I could shower for years but swimming in the middle of the sea – oh no!

Bu when you’re on holiday in Thailand it really is a must, and I managed to overcome my fear by the help of my boyfriend and me stopping to listen to my damn mind trying to tell me how afraid I am of the jumping in the sea. I immediately fell in love with its beauty and had no other choice that to discover these unknown fields.

On Koh Lanta we went snorkeling for the first time and I even wore a damn life jacket but then I thought, I can swim and that would be too ridiculous to swim with it, so the next rounds I got better and felt more secure.

But the most beautiful under water experience was definitely on Koh Phi Phi. We booked our own boat and driver, who brought us to Maya Bay, to a small monkey island and into the wonderful sea. The water was amazing and it wasn’t as deep as I was afraid of. Definitely an experience I will never forget in my life! Especially because I went over board of my fear and insecurity. Hopefully 2017 will bring many more of these moments.

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